About the Author - Dr Param Sandhu

Dr Param Sandhu is a UK based wildlife, nature & conservation photographer. He photographs to seek an audience and is sought after & is invited to present his work internationally and to photographic societies. He has exhibited at the prestigious Joe Cornish Gallery, UK.
Param has travelled extensively & has photographed in all continents, including the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions, the Galapagos Islands, the Himalayas in Nepal and in Ladakh, India.
He is a doctor of medicine having graduated from the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College, India. His careers have taken him through the National Health Service of the UK, the British Civil Service, the British Army Reserves, in Management Consultancy and as a Medical Director in multinational Healthcare Information Technology companies.
Param says that photographing tigers in the wild has been his passion & eccentricity and this has resulted in many years of toil in tiger habitats in India. He admits that his brand of wild tiger photography is only made possible with teamwork and fieldcraft.
“Tiger Tryst” represents a window, a mere glimpse, into his considerable body of work. Another book “Tiger Jugalbandi” is due for publication this year. This is an unusual creative ensemble of tiger images and poetry but here Param gives the tiger a voice through the lyrics. A third compilation “Tiger Tryst – 2” An Ode to Spotty is to follow shortly.
When not travelling Param is based in Northumberland, UK. He is fluent in many languages. His leisure interests include geo-politics, cooking and ghazal music.
“I believe myself to be a witness photographer. While the goal is to create an emotionally charged set of photographs the hope is to initiate a sense of respect and awareness towards these animals who have become the epitome of survival.”
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The author - Dr Param Sandhu
Maya’s cubs pictured in Tadoba Tiger Reserve